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An Insight into Nature with Camera Traps

February 11, 2015


While working on a project which had aims of filming snow leopards in Afghanistan, I learned about camera traps and how useful they are to capture wildlife in Africa.

Kudu CowInstead of sitting in a hide for hours or even days at a time, you can leave a camera trap (a machine that detects movement and/or body heat and sets off the camera to film or take a photo) in a spot you think is a good place and check up on it later at your own convenience.  Since so much activity happens at night, you might be crazy not to.

I had some camera traps rattling around the house and my brother, his farm colleagues and the Landmark Foundation set some up in the Baviaans area of South Africa.

These are some initial media captured using the traps. They show a jackal having a, er, private moment, a porcupine, some pictures of kudu females that took an interest in the trap and the very rare serval wild cat.

You can watch the videos here.