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Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark 3050

February 10, 2015

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, the Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark is primarily a diver’s watch. As the name suggests, the US navy’s special operations unit has lent their name to this product. No, I am not a military diver. But I do use this watch. And anyone who works in tough conditions in the elements should consider using it too. Here’s why:


Luminox made a name for themselves in the military field by producing very tough timepieces whose durability has been proven again and again over the past 25 years. For those who follow the old adage (although I may have just made it up) ‘if it aint Swiss, don’t put it on your wrist,’ they will be able to relax. It runs off a Swiss quartz movement. The build quality is excellent with the casing made from polycarbonate and carbon composite materials. Not only does this make the watch very strong but also very light. The face is scratch resistant.


Like I mentioned before, it is primarily designed as a diver’s watch. If you dive, look no further. All the usual requirements are there: big, easy to read face and water resistant to 200 metres. However, as someone who works mainly in deserts this is also an advantage. Water resistant equals dust and sand resistant. The desert has ruined many watches I have used on previous expeditions, with dust finding its way into the mechanism and bringing the machine to a grinding halt. For those who are using hand held compasses a lot on an expedition, or even working with explosives, thanks to its design it won’t affect the magnetics of other devices.

A_3051_bigNow for the best feature. The dial and hands are marked with Tritium inserts that glow constantly for 25 years. This is because Tritium is mildly radioactive (no, not in a dangerous Chernobyl kind of way. It is perfectly safe: it is the same substance that was used until recently for the British Army’s rifle sights). In daytime the glowing is not noticeable, but in low light and darkness it makes reading the time very easy. Gone are the days of luminous watch faces that need light to store energy. On my expeditions I can’t tell you how useful this is.

Now I couldn’t live without it.


You can pick one up for around £250 ($380 approx), which for its strength, reliability and usability, is a steal.

In summary

The Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 hasn’t let me down where other watches have bitten the dust. Whether you work in the water or on land, I can’t recommend it highly enough to the adventurer who relies on their watch come what may.

For more info, visit Luminox’s website.