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Have you ever looked at a map and wondered what is there? Nowadays, it is not too hard to find out, it just takes a quick Google search. However, there are still some parts of our planet where little is known about the people who live in very remote areas of the world and have continued their way of life that has remained unchanged for hundreds or thousands of years. My expeditions set out to document the people and places of unique tribes and cultures that have escaped the changing globalised world. I feel it is important to do so as I’m sure this won’t be the case forever. The problem is that the reason these tribes live such distinctive lifestyles is because they are cut off from the outside world by living in extremely remote areas. I travel using camels or on foot to find and get close to these tribes, travelling with them across deserts and plains to see their lifestyle first hand. The expeditions are long and hard, covering many hundreds of miles. There is constant danger of banditry, inter tribal warfare and have to endure pitiless temperatures, thirst and hunger, but I think it is worth it. Our diversity on this planet is one of the characteristics that makes us human and one day these tribal cultures will be lost to history. It is time to celebrate them while we can.

Latest Expeditions:

2014: Tibesti Mountains

2008: Saharan Crossing